Development Services

Pro-Active Investment Group can assist you in the following ways when it comes to adding value to a Potential Land/Site :-

• Site Identification
• Feasibility Analysis
• Surveyor Services
• Architect Services
• Engineering Services
• Town Planner Services
• Quantity Surveyor Services
• Energy Efficiency Rating Services
• DA Approvals
• Building & Renovation Services
• Project Marketing


1) Engineering Services :-

Structural Engineering :-
Structural Steel, Timber and Concrete Design
Slab and Footing Design
Pier and Pile Design
Framing Design
Tie-down and Roofing Design
Portal Frame Design
Retaining Wall Design
Reinforced Concrete Swimming Pool Design
Structural Certification
Heritage Design

Civil Engineering :-
Stormwater Drainage Design
Geometric Road Design
Flood Study Investigation
Erosion and Sediment Control Design
Inspection and Certification of Works
Industrial Pavements

Geotechnical Engineering :-
Site Classification Investigation
Slope Stability Investigation
Onsite Effluent Dispersal Investigations
Road Pavement Thickness Design
Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation and Management Plans
Insitu Soil Permeability Investigations

Environmental Engineering :-
Contaminated Site
– Preliminary and Detailed Investigations
– Remedial Action Plans
– Site Validation Investigations
Waste Classification Investigations
Groundwater Investigation and Management Plans
Environmental Monitoring

Hydraulic Services :-
Water and Sewer Design
Fire Services Design

Bushfire Threat Assessment :-
Bushfire Threat Assessments

Landscape Architects / Designers :-
Cat 2 and Cat 3
Designs for Multi Storey Developments
Private Gardens
Multiple Unit Developments
Commercial and Industrial Development