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Most of us regard work-life balance as something of a holy grail, we’re on a continuous quest for it, we know its there, but somehow it continues to elude us. Few people realise it is often how you make your income and what you do with that is the key to achieving balance. That’s why BRICKS and MORTAR is such an attractive investment. Property can create income and growth passively.

Investment properties can produce 4%-5% rental returns and 7%-10% capital growth over the long term, but you need to put in only a few hours a month to manage them. Not many other jobs can do that. Having a few investment properties often creates more wealth for a person than they could ever achieve from a lifetime of saving, even if they are high-salary earners.

The reasons why many people shy away from property investing is the amount of debt and risk involved. Successful investors understand the true pros and cons of investing and learn to develop good risk-management strategies. Borrowing is risking for the first few years but as soon as your property generates equity, the equity can pay for the rest of the debt.

Investing is a serious business involving large amounts of money, so Pro-Active Investment Group ensures that we provide you with :-

• Qualified Accountants
• Qualified Financial Planners
• Qualified Real Estate Investors

Choosing the right investment strategy is all about matching the right estate problem with the right investing solution. We firmly believe that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to begin making substantial real estate profits out of property investment. All you need is the right property , bought at the right price, with the right person living in it, under the right property investment strategy. However having said that, the property investment market is constantly changing, often dramatically. While some experts believe that certain changes in the current market may spell the end for property investment as a strategy for continued profits, other believe it will just mean the end of the seller’s market and the beginning of a great time for astute and well prepared buyers. (Investors)