Financial Services

With the market as active as it is you need to make sure you have your finance pre approved, the last thing you want to do is see your dream home become available and not be in a position to make an offer and close the deal with the agent.

If you’ve been declined for a loan, we’ll take a look at your situation and get you a copy of your credit report to find out why. We’ll then provide you with options that could help you get approved and may include removing black marks from your credit report.

With current interest rates at record lows, now is an opportune time to consider your refinancing options. Many existing mortgage holders and new buyers are taking advantage of the low cost of funding with additional discounts available to new customers due to the strong competition between lenders.

PAIG offers free consultation with a home loan professional directly at the banks you choose under our panel. The Banks then provide with the following :-

– Borrowing Capacity
– Repayments
– Featured Lowest Interest Rates
– Recently Sold Properties

Pro-Active Investment Group has direct links with majority of lenders in Australia. We use our relationships with big lenders to process your application and get you approved for your loans. The following are some of our major lenders :-

  1. Commonwealth Bank
  2. Suncorp Bank
  3. NAB
  4. Bankwest
  5. ANZ Commercial
  6. Bendigo Bank
  7. IMB Bank
  8. Liberty Finance
  9. NWC Finance
  10. Chifley Securities