Insurance Services

  • Launch of PAIG INSURANCE SERVICES, let’s reduce Insurance premiums!

    The Pro-Active Investment Group (PAIG) would like to thank you for being a part of our group, your contribution as an investor or B2B partner has been valued.

    As you know PAIG prides itself on bringing a group of investors together, pooling and leveraging resources and using buying power of the group to invest smarter. PAIG is extending this concept to save you (your company) money on annual insurance premiums.

    We have secured deals with insurance providers all across Australia.

    PAIG now has set eyes on Reducing Insurance Premiums for our members.

    We’re conducting a survey and your input would be appreciated. Thank you for your participation!
  • We now need your help to identify the group's next target.

  • Please identify the three largest insurance cost you incur annually.